A Homeowner’s Guide to Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) Cabinets

Are you curious about medium-density fiberboard cabinets? Discover the characteristics and common traits of this cabinet type to see if it’s ideal for your kitchen. After reading, you can reach out to JV Cabinets Inc., a professional cabinet refacing company in the Bay Area, to book a consultation.

What Is Medium-Density Fiberboard (or MDF)?

MDF is a high-quality building material that combines broken-down hard- and softwood with resin and wax, forming a durable and beautiful board. It needs high temperature and pressure to form into the product we know and love. Although MDF is quite popular, moisture-resistant and high-density fiberboard are other popular options because of their increased performance. 

Due to its reliability and beauty, many property owners use medium-density fiberboard cabinets for their kitchen or bathroom spaces. Learning the pros and cons of this material can help you decide whether you should include it in your own home as a long-lasting storage solution.

Everything You Need To Know About Medium-Density Fiberboard Cabinets

Before taking the leap and choosing the right medium-density fiberboard cabinets for your home, you’ll want to learn about the most vital physical properties, traits, advantages, and potential downsides of MDF cabinets. Consider the following.


MDF cabinets are excellent, budget-friendly options for your bathroom or kitchen space. When you invest in thicker, moisture-treated fiberboards, you’re spending more, but the increased durability and quality can make them worth it. Spending a little more means your cabinets will last longer by resisting moisture, maintaining their appearance, and holding up against wear and tear.

Multiple Finishes

You can choose from excellent finish options for MDF cabinets, including the following:

  • Paint: A smooth surface creates the perfect surface for a fresh coat of paint. Choose your preferred color and enjoy gorgeous cabinets that don’t contract or expand with temperature changes.
  • Thermofoil: You can apply this beautiful material to your cabinets and select an attractive color, pattern, or style. Instead of using a painted finish, you’ll ensure a stunning product and incredible bonding.

Medium-density fiberboard cabinets provide flawless finishes and multiple style choices.

Versatile Design Options

These cabinets offer incredible flexibility, fitting perfectly with your kitchen or bathroom, no matter which aesthetic you have. Your doors can come in one or more pieces and include a variety of trims and moldings for further customization.

You can also add wood veneer to give your cabinets the look of solid wood without the price. Painted cabinets provide more freedom than thermofoil MDF cabinets, but the final choice comes down to what you want to get out of your finished product.

Varying Durability

MDF cabinets have a smooth surface, stunning appearance, and good durability. However, it’s vital to know that these cabinets can obtain dings and scratches that you might need to address. Water is the enemy of this cabinet material, so take care not to let it soak up moisture.

If you perform maintenance, repairs, and repainting as necessary, your cabinets should look amazing and perform great.


It’s essential to note that MDF cabinets are subject to natural wear and tear. You might notice some random cracks, chips, or scratches that you’ll need to address. Fortunately, repainting over worn paint or fixing imperfections for medium-density fiberboard cabinets is relatively simple.


All cabinets require varying degrees of maintenance from time to time. Medium-density fiberboard cabinets are no different, but are easy to maintain. You’ll just need to wipe them down, ensuring you leave no excess moisture behind that can harm your cabinets.

Adding Moisture Resistance

You can buy water-resistant MDF cabinets if you’re looking for extra moisture protection. You might not need these for your kitchen, but investing in them for your bathroom could prove a wise choice. You could also use a wood varnish or sealant to protect your standard MDF cabinets.


Three of the most common variants of MDF boards are as follows:

  • Fire retardant MDF 
  • Ultra-light MDF
  • Water-resistant MDF

Explore your options to find what works best for you.

Choose Your Preferred Medium-Density Fiberboard Cabinets With JV Cabinets Inc.

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