Kitchen Color Basics – Part 1

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your living room is; people always seem to gather in the kitchen. Kitchens are central to our homes, and everyone can feel it. If you’re looking into refreshing your kitchen, color will play a very important role in the final look. Conventionally, kitchen colors stay in the earthy tones, bright colors, and warm neutrals to evoke comfort and coziness. Our custom shelving and cabinets can be made to support these colors schemes. However, when it comes to your kitchen, the sky is really the limit.

Most kitchen design rules dictate that cold, dark colors don’t make people feel hungry or welcome. However, these more dramatic colors can work when done correctly. In today’s blog, we’re going to start a review of your options when it comes to the wonderful world of kitchen colors!


If you want a bold color in your kitchen, gray is generally the most vivid option. It adds spice and spark, lightening up dark spaces and giving the eyes a place to focus. If you decide to do gray, make sure you do it right with high-quality paint that complements your appliances.


All-white kitchens are bright, light, and clean-looking. Of course, this might mean that any dirty dishes left around will drive you crazy. If you want to go for an utterly white option, really do it. Find white utensils, a white clock, and other decorations. Know that you’ll always have the option of adding a pop of color with a fancy dish or piece of art. If you want to break up the monotony with something less dramatic, you can include some stainless steel accents. We have the ability to take your current cabinets and reface them however you need, so if you have old wood cabinets, we can completely transform them!


People generally avoid blue because it is cold and often depressing. However, it can be calming as well as vintage. Blue done right in a kitchen can be stunning, so if it’s your favorite color, consult with our designers to make sure this beautiful color is being used correctly.

At JV Cabinet Makers, there is nothing we love better than taking a tired kitchen and transforming it into a stunning piece of functional art. We proudly provide the best custom shelving, cabinets, and cabinet refacing in California. Contact us to learn more about what we do today!

Jaime Villagrana